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His Song
One Heart, One Voice

His Song is a men’s gospel singing group based in Spokane, Washington, dedicated to presenting Christian Gospel music which will draw people to Jesus Christ and encourage them in their walk with the Lord.

A special “Thank You” to our wives for their love and continued support of this ministry.




The Lord is at work...

You may never know all the lives you touch! A woman from Oregon named Jan recently ordered His Song CD's and this is what her email said:

"My sister in Spokane heard you sing at Fairwood Retirement Home and bought two of your CDs.  She has been playing them every day and this is wonderful because she is a seeker, but not yet a believer.  Thanks for your gift in song that is helping lead her to the Lord." 

Terri, who manages our CD sales, spoke to Jan on the phone, her sister was just going to the mailbox and was drawn in by the singing when she was walking past. She was late arriving and was encouraged to sit in the front row. Jan is very excited about how God is reaching out to her sister!